MINT PDO Thread Lift

Rediscover Your Youth

with MINT™️ PDO Thread Lifts

MINT™ stands for Minimally Invasive Nonsurgical Thread. It is the revolutionary treatment that lifts and tightens sagging tissue for an instant and powerful rejuvenation. MINT PDO is made of polydioxanone, a safe synthetic biodegradable monofilament that stimulates collagen production as it dissolves. Turn back the clock and restore the skin’s firmness and elasticity with MINT PDO.

MINT PDO Thread Lift Treatment Areas

MINT™️ PDO Before & After – Midface

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MINT™️ PDO Before & After – Jowls

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MINT™️ PDO Before & After – Neck

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Unlock the Power of Non-Surgical Rejuvenation with MINT PDO Thread Lifts

Revitalize your look across multiple facial areas with MINT PDO’s cutting-edge thread lift technology. Embrace a non-surgical path to a more youthful and contoured appearance, where each treatment area is meticulously addressed to bring forth your inherent beauty.


Achieve the coveted fox-eye look or simply bring symmetry and reduction to any hooding, granting your eyes a more open, alert, and youthful frame.


Say goodbye to tired eyes. MINT PDO threads restore volume and smooth out fine lines, diminishing the hollowed look and giving a refreshed appearance.


Reclaim the fullness of youth with a cheek lift that contours and highlights your cheekbones, making them the cornerstone of your facial structure.


Refine your profile without the need for invasive surgery. MINT PDO can enhance the bridge and lift the nasal tip, offering a subtle yet impactful transformation.

Nasolabial Folds

Turn back the clock on smile lines, restoring volume and youthfulness to areas that often betray age first.


Perfect your pout by plumping the lips and reducing the presence of marionette and smokers’ lines that frame the mouth, ensuring your smile is surrounded by smooth, youthful skin.


Define and contour your jawline, reducing jowls and tightening the skin to sculpt a more chiseled, elegant facial silhouette.


Combat the signs of aging with a lift that tightens the neck area, reduces the appearance of a double chin, and smooths away crepey lines.


Extend the rejuvenation beyond your face. MINT PDO threads can improve skin texture, tighten, and restore volume, presenting a more uniform and youthful body contour.

With MINT PDO thread lifts, Dr. David Roska of Crystal Coast Cosmetic Care provides a comprehensive solution to combat the signs of aging without the downtime of traditional surgery. Experience the transformative power of MINT PDO and emerge with a renewed confidence in your natural beauty.

Learn More About MINT PDO in this video.

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